YES! We have been working in the Studio during isolation of course!

We're currently OPEN 7 days a week, and keen to get back to normal.  

The Government says "Keep your business open. With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on.”

We’re still in Lockdown however it seems Boris has relaxed the rules a little and it seems we can be trusted if we still engage in social distancing, PPE, avid sanitisation and safe travel.

Small Crews at Cross Street? Yes,...but there have to be restrictions in place. We have enough room to divide the space into cordoned off work areas, Props; Production;Camera;Lighting; Talent;Food Stying, Catering; however due to the single minded work ethic of all film crews, they'll have to be policed with the proper care and a constant eye to prioritise safety.   

The A.P.A have issued a very informative document on the 11th May 2020 in response to Boris's ambiguous address on the 10th May. It outlines what will become directives at Cross Street. We are committed to being up to date and rigorous in following any and all advice.

BECTU have also issued some guidelines to 'on-set' Health and Safety.

Larger Crews? As the filming and therefore crew size increases, it would be sensible to engage/nominate a full-time Safety Officer and/or Nurse to police a safe working environment.

Practicing Safe Sets? We need Antiviral Sanitation!  We have partnered up with 'Fantastic Services' who will provide a 'Surface Disinfectant Procedure Fogging' for a complete pre/post Studio cleanse. Additionally one of their technicians will be on hand throughout the day, giving a constant 'anti-viral wipe down'. This is important to book well in advance. Hand sanitiser and effective gloves/masks will be essential when working with other people in the studio and dealing with deliveries. 

'Live Streamed' HD picture and uploaded to your Director, Production, Agency, Mum and Clients!

DOP's. There is an in-house DOP at Cross Street and he can cover small jobs, on his own; whilst we are in Lockdown

As contingencies or as a preferred alternative, these Studio regular DOP's are primed and ready to roll:

We also have an extensive list of Food Stylist's, Prop Stylists, SFX Props, and Art Dept, recommendations which we'd be happy to share, depending on your needs.

Camera and Lighting Kit. Cross Hire is located at the Studio and has more than enough to facilitate any kind of stills, animation and Live Action Tabletop shoot. So no need to worry about kit.

The Studio also has, (so you don't need to worry about it...):

Motion Control/Model Movers

Surfaces (marble, slate, glass, wood, laminate)

Backings (coloramas, sky's, painted cyc, green/blue screen)

Decks, apple boxes, drapes, rigging

A selection of tabletop props: plates/glassware/knives forks/books/plants etc.etc

Food Stylist Kitchen

What would the insurance position be?

Insurance is available in the normal way and would cover the risks normally insured against. It would not cover Coronavirus risks. They would need to be dealt with by planning the production in a way that minimised the risk of it being disrupted by Coronavirus and had clear contingencies if it were. "

Please give us a call or email: