Cross Street Studio and Covid-19

It seems to be the new normal and London Production is seen to be rising to the challenge!

Despite Covid-19, we've been lucky to have had the likes of Blink, Academy, Friends Electric and Broken Films shooting at Cross Street along with 3 Stills shoot days, so far...

Practicing Safe Sets? : It's been a busy time, keeping up with the ever changing models of safe working behaviour, however the 'APA shooting Guidelines' have galvanised Production and Studios alike and it seems to be working fairly well. In addition to listening to the likes of the APA, BECTU and of course the NHS, we have commissioned an independent risk assessment of our Studio, downloadable from our website, .to make the Studio working environment as safe as possible for our clients.

We have also partnered up with 'Fantastic Services' who will provide  one of their technicians to be on hand throughout the day, giving a constant 'anti-viral wipe down'. 

One positive 'new normal' is 'Live Streaming'. Everyone seems to agree that 'it works', for clients and Agency who do not attend.

We also have an extensive list of DOP's, Food Stylist's, Prop Stylists, SFX Props, and Art Dept, recommendations which we'd be happy to share, depending on your needs.

Camera and Lighting Kit. Cross Hire is located at the Studio and has more than enough to facilitate any kind of stills, animation and Live Action Tabletop shoot. So no need to worry about kit.

The Studio also has, (so you don't need to worry about it...):

Motion Control/Model Movers

Surfaces (marble, slate, glass, wood, laminate)

Backings (coloramas, sky's, painted cyc, green/blue screen)

Decks, apple boxes, drapes, rigging

A selection of tabletop props: plates/glassware/knives forks/books/plants etc.etc

Food Stylist Kitchen

Please give us a call or email: